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Gail Caskey Winkler, PhD, FASID

A native of Chicago and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin––Madison, Gail joined the faculty of the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation in the School of Design, University of Pennsylvania in 1986, where she taught two courses in the history and recreation of American interiors until 2011.  From 1991 to 1993 she also taught in the early American culture program at Winterthur Museum.  She founded LCA Associates, in partnership with Roger W. Moss, in 1981.

Winkler is a Fellow of the American Society of Interior Designers and an ASID Medalist awarded for her outstanding contributions to the profession of interior design.  Combining scholarship, research, and practical experience in the recreation of historic American interiors, Winkler has prepared furnishing plans for historic American buildings across the country, including the Chambers of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate, the superintendent’s quarters at the United States Naval Academy, the Capitol of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Capitol of Virginia, the Abraham Lincoln Summer White House, and the residence of President Rutherford B. Hayes.  See projects.   She also is a popular lecturer and has written several books. See publications.

Roger W. Moss, PhD

A native of Ohio and a graduate of the University of Delaware, Roger trained an entire generation of graduate students in the preparation of historic structure reports and National Register Nominations as an Adjunct Professor of Architecture in the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation in the School of Design, University of Pennsylvania, where he also developed courses on historic mechanical systems and the management of historic sites and museums.  Concurrently he was the Executive Director of The Athenæum of Philadelphia, a special collections library near Independence Hall which specializes in architecture and design.

Moss has served on the boards of Cliveden, Harriton, and the Woodlands––all National Historic Landmark house museums––and as an advisor to several other historic sites.  He was an NEH–funded consultant to Lyndhurst and conducted CHAP evaluations for the Powel House and the Highlands.  He has served as President of the British Cathedrals Foundation, Chairman of the Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts and a board member or officer of several heritage organizations and charitable foundations.  He is the author of a dozen books on architecture and design (see publications); he lectures and consults on authentic exterior paint colors and has participated in the development of reproduction product lines for major corporations.